Quality Policy


We value quality of life; our commitment towards humanity is to provide safe, superior and affordable quality products. Our quest for healthcare and excellence is the driver of our business.


To become an affordable health care solution. We serve humanity by maintaining standards quality products and services.

Our Strengths

Complimented by a modern and well- equipped quality control (QC) laboratory to ensure quality of the products at all levels

Quality Policy

Inventor Pharma aspires to be the preferred supplier of the products that if offers. We intend to achieve this by:

 Ensuring Satisfaction of Our Customers and all other Stakeholders.
 Achieving the Right Quality, at the Right Cost and at the Right Time.
 Developing a Quality Management System which facilities Continuous Improvement through Measurable Quality Objectives.
 Ensuring an Environmental-Friendly, Health and Safe Working Atmosphere.
 Conforming to all legal, Regulatory and Ethical Dimensions of Business.

QA Departments is also responsible for

Release of Finished products: QA Department shall release the product for distribution only after receiving and checking of completed batch production records.
Handling of Product Complaints: Complaints shall be reviewed to find the possible failure of a drug product to meet any of its specifications and take necessary corrective/Preventive Action
Validation and their approval: VD prepares the validation master plan. QA shall review and approves the validation protocols and reports.
Calibration: The Calibration is carried out as per the fixed periodicity given in the Calibration SOP. QA/QC department acts as a focal group in monitoring the method, results and periodicity of the calibration and initiate the follow up action. QA ensures that effective systems are used for maintaining and calibrating of equipment.
Stability Testing of Finished Products: QA ensures the efficacy of the products throughout its shelf life by stability studies.
Conduct Training: QA prepares training schedule as per SOP “Training” and training programs will be conducted as per schedule. QA regularly monitor the effectiveness of training.
Internal Quality Audits: Internal Quality Audits shall be conducted twice in year as per SOP “Internal Audits” and initiate the follow up action.
Batch Production Records: The Batch Production Records shall be examined as per SOP” Reviewing the completed Batch Production Record” for completeness of data with respect to materials processed and in-process checks.
Annual Product Review: Annual product review shall be carried out as per SOP “Annual Review”
Vendor Qualification: Vendors for key raw materials shall be qualified by performing audits or by other relevant techniques. Periodic Vendor Evaluation is done for the vendors who are in continuous supply of raw materials.

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